Blair the Labour party and immigration

The Immigration and Nationality Department under Blair and Straw was a complete failure. Thousands of Albanians and Iraqis were entering Britain as Kosovan refugees, all were economic migrants.

In 1999 thanks to inadequacies by the government, the IND  disintegrated. Eventually by surrendering   control to Siemens we were at the mercy of the Germans, who were not helpful.

All thanks to the Labour party for abolishing the “Primary Purpose Rule” The Government has scrapped one of Britain’s toughest immigration laws. The Primary Purpose rule, which has barred entry into the UK for thousands of people married to British citizens, has been dropped. Immigration then increased from Non -EU rose to 200,000 whilst applications for asylum reached 46,000.

Many reports depicted Kent Council as being deluged by thousands of fortuitous asylum seekers landing in Dover. Britain lack of control spread around the world as a result Kurds, Tamils,, Sri Lankans and Cypriots entered as tourist before applying for asylum and migrant from the Balkans poured in, by 1997 it had risen to 360,000! As Blair said

” We were quickly dubbed the asylum capital of Europe”

That along with the French portrayal of London as Londonistan and Labours insistence at turning England into a multicultural society has left us with an ugly legacy, a legacy that can only get much worse.

Yet there are still people who vote for them but they simply do not represent the ordinary indigenous population.

This legacy is still being pursued by the Cameron government, immigrants are  coming in right left and center. From ports at Belgian, France, Cyprus Italy etc. Thanks to Cameron’s complacency they are landing on our south coast with reckless abandon.


Traffickers are blatantly using white van and boats  to ferry immigrants into our country safe in the knowledge that they can outwit our absolutely pathetic border control. France has 40 cutters patrolling their relevant coast yet we (a maritime nation) have 3, yes 3!

We have no airborne surveillance, this was cancelled. Six aircraft cancelled, no eye in the sky then.

Further to that we are forced to ask The French or NATO to track foreign submarines in our waters because we have no aerial   reconnaissance. Cameron has left us deleted as an all round force. Like the Americans said we now have a hollowed out military.

Get out now,


Cameron is a menace


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