John Major, EU Army and Turkey

John major ranting about the leave campaign  and so called lies is nothing more than a hypocrite. This  man and the Exchange Rate mechanism was responsible for wrecking the lives of many people. so many lost their homes and others spent years in negative equities.

  Major and Lamont insisted that there was not the slightest possible chance of this dilemma being resolved by Britain leaving the ERM, issuing a stream of increasingly defiant speeches but to no avail.

The election results undid years of Thatcher’s reforms, then she was stabbed in the back by Heseltine and others; that coupled with Majors ERM debacle cost the Tory Party a great deal. Was it not for John Major, Blair would never have won his election.

There is going to be  a EU Army and it disingenuous to say otherwise.  The 1,500 strong EU Battle on Salisbury plain was joined by troops from the 2nd Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment, and 4th Infantry Brigade

Take note that whilst a British Brigadier was in charge of the force during the UK’s period of command;

He takes his orders from Brussel and not from the UK’s operational headquarters.

This is another of Cameron’s lies. The defense of our country will be given away to the EU. We must be absolutely mad.

Turkey and the EU’s Visa free travel deal

This will bring them right down to our borders under the Schengen deal and you can bet your life that the poorest will break their arms to get to England. The traffickers are running rings around our border controls and will bring them in.

Over 10,000 immigrants were picked up this past week and many are heading this way.


We are being lied to and we will go under as the immigrants arrive.


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