Blair the ultimate megalomaniac

This is the man who misled the British people and took us into an Iraq war which cost the lives of nearly 200 servicemen plus the wounded, plus over a hundred thousand of Iraq civilians. He sent our forces in on the cheap, thanks to Blair and Brown the MOD couldn’t order machine guns, body armour and various other equipment.

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His reason for this was he didn’t want anyone knowing he was planning for war whilst talking to the UN!  As a result we put in men under resourced, men who had to be rescued by  American forces like some cheap banana republic forces. He shamed some of the best fighting forces in the world.

woman 1

This is also a man who allowed over 3 million immigrants into Britain and turned his back whilst we became, as the French said Londonistan. he has debased his office by flogging himself on the world to anyone who would pick him up.

Now he acts and speaks like has some authority, telling us that we are on the road to ruin if we leave. Like Cameron he has no credibility other than his ability to muddy the waters and tell us endless immigration will be good for us. Loads of money, various high value homes in London and other bases and a total contempt for those who are without homes, cannot even ascribe to homes, GP are out of their reach, schools over subscribed with immigrants and so on. So why are we listening to this self serving ex Politian. 


Over 10,000 immigrants picked this week, now we have the Royal navy acting a day trip ferry service, picking up immigrants and taking them into Europe where they don’t belong. Thousands are waiting at Calais and other ports, ready to make their way and land anywhere on the South coast.

cameron 1

Cameron has gone from curbing migration to now saying it is better to have unlimited migration, where ever they come from to protect the economy.

This referendum is about one thing and that is sovereignty and Democracy. Our ability to make our own laws and decide our future.

Juncker has already said

” He will make our lives a misery if we stay in”

Where is our pride that we allow the jumped little man to threaten us.

Cameron has rigged the election and the vote will rest on the postal votes. We know two things about Prescott’s postal vote and that is they are wide open to fraud, also that the many of the immigrants don’t speak English and will do what the Muslim fathers will tell them to do. This is what Cameron and Labour are relying on by dependent immigrants. The electoral commission will do exactly what they have done before and that is nothing. 


Before its too late


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