News at Sky and Cameron

It is quite disgusting that Sky News saw fit to air the views of very young children on the referendum.
Children of this age have nothing to compare with and they are wide open to  scurrilous negative campaigning by the media and Cameron.
Sky News have now joined the governments invective berating this country. Pretending to be impartial is not good enough.
Asking the youngsters as to whether they are going try to change their parents mind is again, quite irresponsible. This was a very infantile attempt to reach out and support the remain campaign
Is this the control Cameron talks about? of course not and we in England are going to be swamped by Africa and other nations. Following soon are the Turks; Cameron is lying about them too.
ISIS is sending its Jihadists into Europe and then on into England. They are supported by a very large number of radicals, in other word a substantial Fifth Army in England. What would the government do if a large body of Christians became a Crusading Army. They would send in the army and police and imprison many of them, that is what they would do.
This is exactly what ISIS wants: to shut non-Muslim Europe down, to close the schools and places of culture and have people trembling in their beds, in this end they are supported by those who spend all of their time appeasing them.
This is something the Labour party are good at because they hate our Englishness, yet there are people who support them despite the fact that they are made of the elite who couldn’t give a stuff about the working class. Do you know anyone who is elite and Labour and is poor?
The EU. Turkey has been accused of sending ill and unskilled Syrian refugees on to Europe while blocking the exit applications of skilled professionals. Now there’s a surprise for you and guess where they will end up.
The Prime Minister is so worried about his constant lies and obliteration of the facts that he has refused to take part in debates with any serious opponents because he has no answer to their questions.
What sort of a Prime Minister is he that he cannot debate the most fundamental question this country has ever faced. He is completely and utterly frightened of his opponents. It shows what a cheat and liar he really is.

The broadcasters have given him uncontested slots on prime time slots on television, this is truly pathetic and shows too that they are not impartial.

Cameron misled parliament. This is the highest constitutional crime in our parliaments history, which is why it almost mandatory that anyone who does it must resign


North East Somerset MP Jacob Rees-Mogg called for an inquiry into claims the Prime Minister was plotting with the boss of a multinational company about how to make the case for the UK remaining in the EU before he had even concluded his renegotiation deal.

A leaked letter detailing the secret plan is alleged to have been sent to Downing Street 11 days before Mr Cameron finished his EU renegotiation deal on February

Readers should Email Mr Graham Brady MP Chairman 1922 Committee  and make their views known



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