Bureaucrat Juncker and the “Leave Camp”

When Juncker said he would make our lifes a misery;  he certainly will. If we stay in he will load us with endless diktats, having his revenge, enjoying it and feeling free to destroy England once and for all,;

Yet our politicians are voting for it!!

Isn’t it interesting that the man who propelled Cameron into office, Steve Hilton a man at the very heart of government has delivered a devastating blow to Cameron’s propensity to lie, his penchant for misrepresentation.

Mr Hilton, with all credibility states the following;

taking back power from arrogant, unaccountable, hubristic elites and putting it back where it belongs.

In people’s hands. How can anyone argue with that.

We have well over a million immigrants who should not be here, murderers, rapists, paedophiles, violent people coupled with Islamists who feel that our women are complete trash, and that is precisely what they feel.

cologne attacks

Cologne had a violent experience of this by Arab and African men. Over 1000 men roamed the streets and committed over 500 serious crimes, from sticking their hands down women’s pants and straight forward rape.

Mostly Pakistani men showed us what they think of English women in Rotherham, Bradford, Sheffield, Rochdale etc. yet in both places the authorities tried to cover it up. That is the hold Islam has on our police and local authorities. Is this what English women want?

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants from Africa and the Arabs are on their way here; many in Calais with Islamist Turkey ready for visas this year.

Cologne 2

Don’t believe Cameron, they are coming and he cannot do a thing about it.



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