Juncker and the EU

Just who the hell does this Juncker jumped up little man think he is! Hitler marched over Austria, so jump forward and Juncker is going to march over England with the Chancellor of Germany behind him.


So he is going to make us miserable is he, a lot of people have made that mistake but Cameron is making the really big mistake. He has divided England but the half he has stuck his jackboot in is going to end up stuffing the boot down his throat.

Forget all the hysteria by the remain because that’s what it is, pure hysteria. They are now saying we cannot survive without Great Britain and that is the real truth of it. France, Hungary and Austria have had enough. We are clearly going to have a right wing government in Austria

Marine Le Pen has taken 30.8 per cent of the vote nationally, coming first in six regions out of 13; they are now the first party in France so they will almost certainly leave.

This is why there is so much hysteria in the EU and Cameron’s government. Has anyone noticed that all of the leaders want to remain in? what has the EU promised them money, positions or I suspect both. They do need us hence the skullduggery  sharp practice and underhandedness all of which are the hallmarks of Cameron

Tory MPs are going to challenge Cameron AFTER the referendum. Isn’t that typical, the man is going anyway so he is not worried. What he is worried about is winning and to hell with England

Do it now and stop being so gutless 

Now they are saying don’t worry about Turkey. Remember what they said about Romania and Bulgaria


The number of Romanian and Bulgarian workers in Britain has topped 200,000 for the first time, as the overall European Union immigrant workforce reached 2.1 million, official figures have shown.

There were nearly 300,000 additional EU residents in Britain in the latest data compared with a year ago, the Office for National Statistics said – the largest annual rise since records began in 1997.

Thousands more in France where the police have lost control, doing everything in their power to gatecrash England.

Migrants breakxcf

The visas in Turkey will bring thousands right down to Calais to boost the number there.

This is a Blitzkrieg on England by the EU orchestrated in part by Germany’s Chancellor and just like the Second World War they are ready to break through. Once they are in, that will be it.



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