Polling Cards

EU propaganda is being sent with polling cards, there is no pretence now we are seeing the referendum being rigged by this government.

So far this government has rigged elections and is now doing the same with the most important decision this country has ever made.

The electoral commission has closed it eyes to what is going on. Corruption in this country is now par for course.

Democracy is now deemed unfit for what was a great country, so what do we do now. It can be safely be stated that a limitation on the freedom of speech, expression or vote leads inevitably to oppression which, in turn leads to anger then violence.

England indigenous population is now subjected to uncontrolled immigration and as a result we have become third class citizens in our own country.

Consider the following, Islamic insurrection coupled with interventionist foreign policies supported by aggression and pre-emptive action.

The continued expansion of the European Union along with the proposed controversial constitution despite absolutely clear objections by the majority of the indigenous population in England.

The family recognised as the cornerstone of every society throughout the world. the continual erosion of free speech and civil liberties by means of insidious legislation. This being an area of real concern as to what is right and what is wrong is clearly determined by those in power and not in power. 

Finally what if the people said enough is enough and decided to take back their country and their freedoms

 history has demonstrated that through time immemorial, forces have always been marshalled to right a wrong and fight for what are their God given rights

This is where we are today, led there by the foolish Brown who slunk off to sign a treaty that he had no right to sign and a British Prime Minister who abhors his country and is determined to give it away for his own ends.

This man should be brought account, it is my personal believe that he is nothing more than a traitor to his country.

The people of England will need to flock in their millions to the centre of parliament to rectify this potential foul deed

We really have become a banana republic under Cameron.

Why is this being done, like Dante’s Inferno we are looking at the nine circles of suffering located within the Earth. Our politicians, banks and corporate structures are suffering from the;




check the money bags


I am now so angry






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