Corruption at the highest level


I am not arguing – and I will never argue – that Britain couldn’t survive outside the European Union. We are the fifth largest economy in the world. The biggest defence player in Europe with one of the most of extensive and influential diplomatic networks on the planet.

‘The question is not could Britain succeed outside the European Union, it is how will we be most successful? How will Britain be most prosperous? How will we create the most jobs? … How will we be most secure? And I’ve always said the best answers to those questions can be found within a reformed European Union.

‘But let me say again, if we can’t secure these changes, I rule nothing out.’ 

Another blatant lie

Corrup Cameron



 ‘Thank you for a very useful meeting last week. There were two points I thought I might follow up on. The first is how to mobilise corporates to look carefully at the risks Brexit represents.

‘I am working with Peter Chadlington and Stuart Rose (the head of Britain Stronger in Europe) with a view to contacting FTSE 500 companies who have annual reports due for publication before June and persuading them that they should include Brexit in the list of key risks…

‘During the Scottish referendum campaign we managed to garner a lot of publicity as a series of companies formally stated in their annual reports that independence for Scotland was a major risk.’  

If this is not corrupt, then what is. They are ganging up because its good for their business, sod the plebs.



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