Boris is absolutely right

The only difference was that  the EU’s methods were different. We can thank jean MONNET.  It was during the de facto French government in Algiers, at a meeting of Monnet’s committee on 5th August 1943 that MONNET declared; monnet

” There will be no peace in Europe, if the states are reconstituted on the basis of national sovereignty… the countries of  Europe are too small to guarantee  their peoples the necessary prosperity and social development. The European states must constitute themselves into a federation.”

The EU have taken this on board and Germany is once again rising to power because Brussels is now  totally under the control of Germany. Brussels via Germany are intent on deleting forever the nations states in  Europe. This is completely obvious to anyone.

Chancellor Merkel is not Hitler that’s for sure, but she is the Chancellor and as Boris said, the method is different but the results will be the same. 

Further to this we have now seen officially that migration into England is totally out of control. This is what gets me, the remain camp want us to stay in Europe despite the fact that democracy will be deleted for ever!! can you believe it?

Add to that the fact that virtually anyone can come to our country and have all of our services to the detriment of English citizens. what is even worse is the fact hundreds of thousand of Muslims will come in. They are already a major, major problem and if that is not a recipe for civil disorder I don’t know what is. Is that what we really want.

The remain camp led by Cameron is playing a very dangerous game. The war Cameron is going on about will be caused by him; an internal war. When it happens it will then be too late. Cameron gay marriage which he foisted upon us will pale into insignificance as to what will happen; this man doesn’t know his own people and is playing with fire.

As for Christine Lagarde




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