Cameron the worlds greatest hypocrite

This is a man who wants to shackle Britain to a failed state He is prepared to bend down to big business, banks and every other corporate business.

He wants us to become slaves with our people kept on low wages to satisfy big business and the EU.

The EU are going to do that by bringing in people from Turkey and other low performing countries.

Our school, hospitals, housing and social security are stretched to the limit, and over a third of our houses go to immigrants!

Last year over 800,000 people moved to England (this is where they come) last year. Are we surprised at the state of our wages and economy.

This is future that Cameron wants us to have and to do it he is lying, cheating running down our economy and going cap in hand to any foreign power or bank that will help him.

He is the most disgusting person and not fit to hold his office, however, he is kept there by a bunch of self serving MPs.



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