Blair and Cameron

What have we done to have two Prime Ministers who have demonstrated that they are both self-absorbed, egoistical, pompous and vainglorious.

First we had Blair ‘who did God’ and took us into two wars as a result 450 men died (women too) with hundreds of servicemen with life threatening injuries, Brown added to this by denying quite deliberately money, hence lack of equipment etc.

From the beginning Blair was detached, practically isolated.  Check back and you will find that he put in place Air Vice Marshall Stirrup, and a Vice Admiral neither of which knew anything about a war on land. This was followed by an amateur minister and a permanent secretary with limited knowledge of what needed to be done.

As a result initially Paratroopers ended up in small pockets and spent most of their time trying to stay alive. When it came to Basra there were 150 men to patrol the whole city. We were defeated and that is why they were taken out and sent to the airport.

Our forces were shamed as a result of non existent planning, bickering military hierarchy and a Prime Minister who used his troops like they were toy soldiers.

Then we have Cameron  and his foray into Libya  Critics quite rightly say that Cameron has got off lightly on his single most significant foreign policy intervention as prime minister.  Obama said he was distracted, sounds like Blair doesn’t it, lets put them in because I like wars and it makes the plebs look up a bit; Oh dear is there something else I have to do?

Cameron has given us a real problem with our armed forces, he got rid of 20,000 trained personnel with the intention of replacing them with part time soldiers. I did a blog at the time stating that apart from getting people to sign up a part time army would be a disaster should we need to defend ourselves quickly. Men would die needlessly whilst they were learning the trade.

However, they cannot get anywhere near enough men to sign on, so now we are looking at basically foreigners to boost our forces, You can bet your sweet life that Muslims will be part of the military soon and bearing in mind that their religion comes first “Green on Blue” attacks would be something we have to aware of. They wont have to go the Syria to train, these idiots will train them here.

We have two beautiful air craft carriers sitting in the docks because we don’t have enough sailors to man them and even if we did there are no aircraft; yes Cameron they need aircraft!

If we came under attack we would have no option but to use our nuclear shield or go down because we don’t have a composite force to defend England, let alone Britain. Further to that where are the competent politician’s to conduct the war?  The US was right we now have a hollowed out force and bickering Generals to conduct it.

Our army started its decline under Blair and Cameron has accelerated it. Now he wants us to be part of a European force under a pathetic EU whose only knowledge of war is the one they are creating in Europe. There will be no peace unless we get out and start building our forces, generals and politicians.

The right wing is building up everywhere, here and overseas, people now know we are vulnerable. The left and their lofty ideals are a menace to our society.



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