The EU, labour and the Libdem party

In 2000 I finished a book which looked years ahead . The contents of that book are now uncomfortably close to the truth. The internal fighting between Muslims and the indigenous population has already started and the Muslim Fifth Army is now raising it’s head above the parapet.
During the last government appeasement for the Muslim minority and Tony Blair’s insistence on a multicultural society has taken its toll on our country, so too his determination to adulterate the indigenous population. The labour party gave him their full support. When immigration was in its hundreds of thousands, they just gave citizenship to immigrants to alleviate the problem.
It was a government that didn’t know one end of the stick to the next and they started us on the road to ruin.
Now we have a government who are besotted with lies and spin. Totally under the control of big business, banks the EU and that means under the control of Merkel.
We lost a generation of men in the first world war and many million more in the Second World War. All died to suppress Germany and it total obsession with being in charge of Europe.
Sir,We_Are_At_War-Original- cover
They didn’t die to give up our democracy, they died trying to save it.
Soon Turkey will enter, another 74 million Muslims and that will be our end game. Islam’s desire to take us over and turn us into an Islamic state will be a reality.
England as a nation State will be no more and we will descend into civil war. Not Cameron’s phony war but an internal war which will bring violence for many years. This without doubt is a reality.
The war that France and Germany sought to eliminate will rise again, but this time we will also end up fighting the Islamic State. These people deserted their country because their lives were made so miserable only to populate other countries and attempt to turn the clock back to their medieval ways.

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