Islam and their leap forward

Over 400 Mosques will have told every Muslim in London to vote for Sadiq Khan. labour new what they doing by putting him forward with a million votes guaranteed along with Labour votes.

 New Labour under Tony Blair did three things, he was responsible for hundreds of soldiers deaths with many wounded because Tony would not release money to get the right equipment.

Then he flooded our country with immigrants just to rub the right’s noses in it.

Above all he was determined to establish multiculturalism as a result we became, as France said, Londonistan. Now we have over a million Muslims in London, plus the Labour vote, as a result Goldsmith never had a chance.

Sadiq is a Muslim and as such he has no alternative but to obey the Muslim Council of Great Britain. Muslims cannot believe it themselves, Sadiq is now a most powerful man and subject to their demands. What have we done? 

major 1Once again we have Cameron talking about war, is there anything he wont do to get his own way. He and his entourage are successfully running down Britain to the point where it is having an effect. I watched his speech and his unsuccessful comments on how patriotic he is, what a disgusting liar this man is.

He was right about one thing and that is the dead lying in  their graves but please, trying to use them for “remain” sums this man up. He forgot to tell that we lost a whole generation in the first World War and Millions more in the second. The died fighting to rid us of Germany’s mania for being top dog, and they certainly didn’t die for us to  hand our democracy to a country who still doesn’t know what democracy is. Let us not forget that Brussels is Germany’s poodle.

Germany rules the roost.

To skew Churchill with regards to his thought on Europe was pathetic, the final part of his speech in 1946 he said

“Great Britain, the British Commonwealth of Nations, mighty America, and I trust Soviet Russia – for then indeed all would be well – must be the friends and sponsors of the new Europe and must champion its right to live and shine”

This had nothing to do with giving up our sovereignty and democracy and succumbing to Germany

It takes a traitor like Cameron to throw away our sovereignty and democracy



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