EU juggernaut picks up speed

Official papers show that Germany is on line to take control of a ‘Euro Army’ This ought to send tremors down the back of Europe. Germany back on to top after 71 years despite in the past, turning Europe into a death camp and enslaving so many people to man its its industry.


Yet this is what Cameron is aiming for,  here we have a  British Prime Minister voting for a new Chancellor for the Fourth Reich. Merkel cannot believe it, a country that lost a generation of men in the first World War and millions later so that Europe could be free, is faced with a British Prime Minister who cant wait to run down his country and give it away. I have never been so ashamed; a curse on him.

Taking in refugees. How kind Brussels and it Eurocrats are exempting Britain for the scheme. It shows how Downing Street are clinging to Brussels little hands. You can bet your life that if should we stay in (but I cannot believe we are so stupid) that these little hands would go in five seconds and billion pounds fine would follow.

A report today has made it clear that curbing benefits to EU workers WILL NOT REDUCE IMMIGRATION. Amazing isn’t it that every part of Cameron’s attempt to gain anything is inevitably wiped out as soon as you get down to details.

The employment gravy train, an article in the Daily Mail as shown once again that the establishment is basically a closed shop. It is like a freemasons lodge where the members are ensuring that the best paid jobs are there to be taken. They are right, a job in government is nothing more than work experience when you move on. We now get the usual cry – – we haven’t done anything wrong. They probably haven’t they have made sure of that.

Cameron’s bullying has become prevalent, I hope Trump is successful and when he is he can declare Cameron persona non grata, let us face it Cameron has no real status in this country as he is regarded as a traitor. Running down his country and trying to give it away to an unelected, undemocratic regime that once again wants to rule Europe.

There is one problem and that is the electoral commission, fraud will take place and it will be the indigenous population that will lose out. Just like Cameron’s Tory partys cheating and fraud


Stop giving your country away


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