Turkey now four more!!

AbuseTurkey will be joined by Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Albania and we, yes we are going to give them 2 billions pounds to help them their way.

For God’s sake what has gone wrong with our government and the left wing of politics, not only giving billions of pounds away whilst so many of the indigenous population  are struggling to get by.

The ordinary people voting in must be absolutely mad if they cannot see what they are about to do. Over 88 million people from the poorest states, 74 million are Islamist; people who think we are Kuffars, non believers as such they looked down at us and believe that their religion is such that they can take us over.

Most of these people have made a mess of their country and want to do the same here. It is not the economics that we need to worry about, it is our very existence. It is why I say that ordinary voters are walking over the cliff with their eyes closed.

Cameron is aware of all this and yet he is leading everyone by the hand, for no other reason that he is indebted or besotted with big business and the cartel at the very top who are concerned with making us all nothing more than industrial slaves.

Let us not forget the violence either that will ensue, most of these people are not truly civilised as we are in this country. It has taken the left to expose us to the unmitigated violence that has allowed rapists, paedophiles. burglars, murderers and ordinary violence on our streets. Women in particular will be subject to this, Cologne  was the thin edge of the wedge, in addition we have seen what happens in this country.

Rotherham rapists and 1400 girls but believe it or not they were protected by the police and local authorities! They were frightened by them. Who will look after our women  when we are inundated by those who think British girls are trash. Girls doused in petrol and told they would be raped next, victims were all white girls. The PC brigade made sure they were NOT protected.

This referendum is about our safety, we must control our borders and take back our sovereignty


At the local election show the left that they are not wanted and vote for UKIP the only party that represents us


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