Let them in

Tim Walker the Head of immigration and nationality had removed the deterrent legislation put in place by Michael Howard. Straw raised this with Blair who said it was not an issue, however, a 150,000 arrived in 1998. later on Blair made it known that anyone who encouraged integration was a racist!

Turkish flag

This new tolerance spread around the world, benefits, public housing and immigrants raced to Calais. They destroyed their identity documents and the new immigrants rose to 360,000  despite the incredible increase in asylum seekers Blair signed the EU asylum seekers and immigration bill!

When the eight European states were due to become members of the EU, other EU countries along with Germany planned to delay entry for 7 years, Blair however said “lets be good Europeans” as a result over 1 million poles came to Britain.

To read just how totally incompetent Blair and his government were read (as I am) Tom Bower’s book on “Broken Vows” You don’t need Chilcot’s enquiry  which will no doubt be a whitewash, just read this.

We are now informed by the office for National Statistics (an official analysis) that Britain has become 10% more crowded as a result of unfettered immigration. That’s why people cannot find schools for their children, no housing, not able to see a GP and a NHS serving the whole world.

Soon the Turkish government will send hundreds of thousands of poor Turkish people via the EU to invade our shores. A Country that is becoming more Islamic every day, a country where up to 26% of the population support Isis. Think of it 26% out 74 Million support Isis yet Cameron is in favour of it.


It is very clear we already have huge problem as a result a fifth column let in by the New Labour Party, but the Marxist Labour are still waiting for them with open hearts.

The media is trying to say that we as  the British are Anti Semitic, how dare they even go down this path. This is what happens when the left and Muslims get together. Have we not noticed how the Islamic world hate Jews.

Despite all this the Jewish community support the labour Party; you pay your money – – –


Or become an Islamic State

Its your choice. We can show the Labour party next week what we think about giving our country away.



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