A new low

hammondHow far is Cameron prepared to go to rig the referendum., pretty low I would say.


Blair sold honours and himself but Cameron is selling of his manifesto to the Unions for their voters support in the referendum. This shows that the whole edifice is corrupt to the core, the government, civil service (started off by Blair but now in gear) and the whole establishment.

This is what happens when you take educated idiots out of school and give them responsibility which they are not ready for. Blair took office and didn’t know which way to turn, which is why he made promises which ended up as disasters.

Like Cameron he is full of chat and ideas which go nowhere. Cameron is a classic upper class schoolboy a real bully. You would be hard to find a statesman amongst the Tory party hierarchy, you have to come down to the everyday person to find commonsense and patriotic men and women.

In my time I have disagreed, like many others, with members of parliament but I have never seen such greed, lies, deceit and avarice amongst what is really such a small group of people.

The one person who should be protecting the country is a man who is determined to ensure that his country is given away to an undemocratic and totalitarian state. He is taking the side of big business and all those associated with it to give them what they want, not what is good for the country.

Furthermore this emphasis of the economic side is nothing more a distraction, shifting the goal because the problem is immigration which is now already huge. Very soon after the referendum Turkey will be on the move and we will be totally swamped by Islamists and Cameron knows that.

It is why I have said before and will say now, that if this goes the wrong way because of a rigged referendum then we will see civil violence on a massive scale. People like the English Defence etc. will see a countless thousands flocking to join, the police will be overcome and you will need the army. If Cameron cannot see this then he is a bigger idiot than I thought.

Those who are on the remain party now (God knows why) will after a short while will see how wrong they were and they too will move over. We are being run by fools.


Or take the consequences.


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