Just six men

Heathrow and Stansted airports,

15th October 5am


Sir, We Are At War

Just six men

The pilot of the first C130 aircraft carrying troop and vehicle carriers fixed his eyes on the land rover to his front, smiling wryly at the red message which said, ‘Welcome, follow me’.

A mere moment later the craft was blown to smithereens by ground to air missiles. Vehicle carrier petrol tanks which were full exploded, turning what was left of the aircraft into a ball of fire.

  The pilot of the second aircraft in the stream witnessing the explosions frantically pulled back his joystick in an attempt to pull clear of the carnage but it was too late, another missile hit six feet below the cabin sending burning men, vehicles and aircraft spiralling down to the ground where it exploded on impact.

  The pilot of the third aircraft in the stream gasped with horror then almost immediately reacted by banking to the port warning others as he did so ‘Hullo red bar three hullo red bar three, red bar 1 and 2 destroyed by missile fire, abort, abort landing over.’

  There was no alternative and command control on hearing the call sent out an immediate order for the remainder of the aircraft to return. The aircraft following the stream hurriedly banked away to port and made for home.

  All it had taken in each location was four Royal Marines supported by two regular SAS troopers. Just six men in each of the airports had put paid to the airborne invasion of England. British troops had made their presence felt . . . and how.



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