This is what the remain campaign are trying to do, all of this talk on economy and how we will end up living in huts like hermits is nothing more than a distraction.

Hundreds of migrants clashing with vigilantes in Paris is nothing more than the thin end of the wedge. Many of those caught up revealed that they were determined to reach England. Hardly any of them are asylum seekers they are young men from all parts of Africa looking for a better life in England.

This is what the EU offers; violence, flooding our country with murderess, rapists, paedophiles etc. people that we are not allowed to deport. people who despise our way of life and our Christianity.

The real reason to leave the EU is to regain our total sovereignty, make our own laws and put our judiciary back where it belongs in the arms of the people.

I am sick of the remain camp who are running down our country; Macron has a cheek coming on the Marr show where he is allowed to say that we would end up like Jersey.

No we wont Macron, the truth he is worried because who is going to pay for his farmers etc.

The EU is frightened because it is we who have kept them alive, without us they will sink into the abyss. That is why we should ignore Merkel’s poodles; it is why we should ignore the out and out lies coming from Cameron’s camp. It is because we are strong that they want to beat us down.

Remember a vote in will let in 75 million Turks and let us not forget that Cameron is ignoring the 300,000 immigrants already coming in.

Our health service has buckled, people cannot see a GP, schools are unable to cope and we are ready to fold as a country.

Do not let it happen, this is our country and if we want it to remain so then we had better VOTE OUT on FREEDOM DAY.


 A  man who insulted Britain by returning a bust of Winston Churchill

A hypocrite

Do not vote for traitors  


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