Margaret Thatcher

The guest with Eamonn Holmes to day started railing against MP Jenkins for daring to mention immigration. For one moment I thought she was going to scream racist.

How do you convince foolish people like that who cant seem to understand what immigration is all about. Opening the doors to hundreds of thousands of the poorest people in Europe is sheer madness. It is why our health service has collapsed, people cannot see a GP, we cannot keep up with houses etc.  It is because of people like her that we have a problem.

What we need is another Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher was an Englishwoman who believed in her country and her people. She believed we could be great again, as do most of the indigenous population.

We are where are today as a result of miserable and pathetic members of parliament whose only aim in life is to see what they can get out of the system.

They have no beliefs, no pride and would rather be on their knees and patted on the head by Merkel than stand up straight.

Margaret Thatcher had faults, but by God; what a woman. A woman of steel, never a liar and would defend her country to the death.

Cameron and the other left wing socialists are not fit to lick her handbag.

Again we wouldn’t be where they are today if the unions hadn’t tried to hijack the country, backed by Blair and the left. Blair wasn’t a moderniser, he was a man who became Prime Minister then didn’t know what to do with it.




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