Fishing Industry

FishermenThe cost to our fishing industry at least 5 billion per year.

We used to have the largest fishing fleet until we joined the EU

Now 23% of the entire fishing quota goes to a single Dutch trawler the Cornelis Vrolijk and it lands all its catches in Holland.

This “Common Resource” given away by that treacherous Edward Heath ensured that we ended up with 13% of what was our fishing industry. In other words it was destroyed.

An appalling act of this common resource is that “discards” must be brought back to shore so that millions of fish could be discarded to landfill sites!!

At one time a man called Joe watt said he threw back up to 700 lbs of cod a day into the sea compared with 110-130lb of fish he brings to the shore. Are we surprised that fish has become so expensive.

People were forced to burn their boats whilst Spanish fishermen bought up our quotas.

Trawlers Whitby_early_1950_s_no1

By leaving we can take back our fishing and those who lived and worked sea can go back; more cheaper fish and more jobs and more vessels built by our industry.

We can be great again ignore these people who constantly say we are not good enough, running down our country, it is appalling.



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