Arron Banks

“What is clear now is that if we were to pursue a judicial review, according to legal experts, we would win. But this is a time to take  a step back from the matter, and after consulting with leading campaigners on this issue, including UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage – we have decided to show the public how this process was stitched up, but not to pursue the judicial review any further”

A really good decision

This was quite clearly an electoral stitch up. There is no one you can trust anymore, the police, judiciary our establishment are now behaving like a banana republic.

This is a sound decision, however, When the time comes we must elect a centre right party like UKIP and deal with obvious corruption from the top down. This was really started with Blair and has gained momentum with Cameron who has unashamedly betrayed Britain and its people.

The Tory party and others will pay for this betrayal at the next election.

We must remember that from the top down we are now subjected to  out and out lies. Our government have a conspiracy with large corporate companies along with the EU to throw the book at us.

What they want is the UK to supply nothing more than slaves to assist them in their quest for money. That will mean bringing in low cost workers, which means that British workers will see their wages kept down.

72 times we have objected to the EU rules and on EVERY OCCASION we have been overruled.

Cameron doesn’t want us in the EU because it is better for us, he is doing it because he is part of the system; he cares absolutely nothing for Britain.


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