I will betray my country Merkel YES, YES, YES.

Today I posted the “stitch up” back to the treacherous Tory Party, unopened.

Today’s youngsters don’t realise what a wonderful and patriotic Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was. Hated by the left because she took our country and made it respectable again.

They have no idea what an absolutely terrible mess had been left behind by the Labour Party. When they left government we were known as the sick man of Europe, and we were; It took Thatcher to change it.

Listen to this woman saying No, No, No. Yet despite being admired the world over, she was stabbed in the back by Europhile and Tory MPs, two in particular.

 Today they are stabbing Great Britain, right between the shoulder blades, led by a British Prime Minister. The shame of it.

world war 1

over the top

What about Cameron and his obsession with a failing and undemocratic regime. Today on Daily Politics he said we have control over our borders. This man has become deluded, he knows we don’t have control yet he is still saying it. He has now become frightening in his foolishness.

Germany should lie down otherwise they will soon be fighting another war with the England.



The Tory party and the hypocritical Marxist Labour party now spend all of their time disparaging our country.

How did we get British MPs who hate their country so much. These are the people who stand there, once a year pretending to honour the dead. They should be banned from attending.




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