Sir, We Are At War

I wrote about this flaw in security 16 years ago


26 September 2016

Abdul Muhammad Hussein’s heart surged with pride as he watched his converts prepare to face the video camera. Soon they would strike yet another blow in the fight against this corrupt and evil western society. Twelve months ago these two men had been part of that evil world but he and others had shown them the errors of their ways and brought them to the point where they were now; prepared to sacrifice their lives for Islam.

Tomorrow at 8.00 am they would become martyrs. Tehran’s plan was so incredibly simple as to be practically fool proof. The final phase would begin in the early hours of tomorrow morning when what would appear to be a private taxi would call at their homes to collect each of them. As far as their parents were concerned they had long since planned a business holiday together but in reality Nadir’s destination was Heathrow whilst Issa would target Stansted.

Although security at the airports was extremely tight, particularly at Heathrow, there were flaws in the system in that up to and including waiting to go through security, there was a clear window of opportunity. It was based on the simple fact that airport authorities and security were for the most part focused on preventing terrorists getting through security and onto planes where they could commit acts of terror. His controller was right it was time to think laterally, for one could create as much fear and damage in the airport terminals as in the air whilst avoiding security checks on the ground. Equally as important as the death and destruction the bombs would bring was the immense economic damage that would inevitably follow.

On reaching the drop off points outside the respective terminals the martyrs would alight whilst the passengers would return home driving the same vehicles. To further assist in their deception each would be clean-shaven, dressed in a business suit and carry an attaché case full of appropriate papers.

The plan was that each would seek to collect a trolley for their luggage then proceed immediately to the busiest part of the terminal, at which point and without further delay, they would detonate the explosive charges within their luggage.

With each martyr carrying two suitcases containing a total of one hundred pounds of high explosive, the resulting explosions would be devastating.

In the past and thanks to information supplied by some moderate Muslims, intelligence forces had succeeded on a number of occasions to pre-empt attempts to explode devices however, this time they would be thwarted. They and he, had made absolutely sure of that. It was very hard for him to accept that there were Muslims who give information to these people. In fact it filled him with great rage and he was absolutely determined that in time, there would be a reckoning but for now he would play the game. Nadir and Issa were clean and he had kept them clean by ensuring that all religious instruction had taken place at Issa’s home under the pretence of preparing them both for religious duties. The fact that both Issa’s parents were professional people and worked long hours had greatly assisted him in his task. During the indoctrination he had impressed upon them the need to remain part of the society they had now come to hate.


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