England in crisis

“We need to get the hell out of a dysfunctional organisation which puts its own survival above the safety of its people”

This has just been said today and how right is.

Nearly 500,000 immigrants have been given taxpayer-funded homes over the past decade, 50,000 a year. That’s why we have a housing shortage and our young people now realise that owning a home is out of their reach.

The NHS is basically in crisis. Its not too bad when your in hospital (unless your old) it is the diagnostic side which is letting us down and free at the point of entry. In the papers during this past week there was a comment on people phoning up the surgery every morning to arrange an appointment. For goodness sake this has been going on for ages at my local surgery.

My wife complained about her stomach etc. for over a year. but it was only when she had a terrible pain in her side (2015) that they discovered she inoperable  pancreatic cancer. Now she has gone and that’s what a 10 minute surgery does for you.

All over people are queuing to see a doctor or constantly phoning until someone answers for an appointment for that day.  Free at the point of service is for the world, but even in Europe where we have an agreement we get £1 for every £15 we pay out!! None of this happens in France yet they have almost the same population and doctors are spread out over a much larger area.

If you go for an x-ray in France, you attend after which you sit down for half an hour, then you are given a full report and your x-ray. Here you go in and then you are told that your x-ray should be with your doctor in 10 days, however, even then you are subject being contacted by the doctor and hopefully given an appointment.

Yet some professor was on sky news said that there would be “frightening consequences”  if we left Europe Would those old people stop dying in hospitals starved of water and being treated like animals. Would we stop being free at the point of entry for the world and in particular Europe.

The remain still like to paint us as anti Europe, which we are not but we are anti the EU who are cheer leaders for bankers, diplomats big businesses and such. Every country that has said no to entry has been ignored by this political union. This is a union that is failing economically and is a total disaster but still it goes on and on because we in particular have a Prime Minister in hock to big business and Germany.

We in this country are suffering from housing, NHS, social services and coupled with that we going under as a country because of immigration, we have no go areas and the authorities and police giving preference to the Islamic communities

Yet this arrogant Prime Minister cannot see the consequences of his actions. this is not the marriage act which he forced through, this is the well being of our country; a country he spits on.


These men will only be remembered for their treachery and so too will Cameron

We will not go away




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