CameronOfficial have now decided that they will come clean about mass migration, however, the establishment that surrounds and protects number 10 has shown us that truth is what you want it to be. I will wait to see as to whether the figures will reflect the truth or will lies and duplicity continue.

We all know that our social services are in dire straights due to mass migration, nevertheless News at Sky this morning managed to find a professor who was nothing more than an arbiter for the leave campaign. Just like Fraser in Dad’s Army I was expecting him to say ‘We are all doomed’ he ought be ashamed of himself.

He should go to the university of Birmingham and tell those medical students who put their hands up that they should go somewhere else to sit for their exams. Why should we pay for them to make use of us so they take their skills elsewhere.

Isn’t that typical, Cameron’s father used the Panama Law firm. How does that sit with Cameron’s speech about offshore accounts.

Cameron the speechmaker, tell the plebs what they want to hear whilst sliding a knife in their back. The steelworkers know this and soon the city will know it when the German’s take over our ‘Jewel in the Crown’ the stock exchange. Cameron and Sajid Javid could block the deal but Cameron is in hock to Germany and Brussels and will allow it to take place.

Foreign companies are taking over Britain bit by bit and soon we will be nothing more than slaves doing what our masters dictate. All done and dusted by British politicians who should be hung up by their thumbs;  utterly contemptible British politicians.

Think of the men and women in Great Britain who died in order to save this country  from slave driving Germany; all  betrayed by self serving politicians. This is where we are now, corporate companies determined to keep us in the EU so that we can still be flooded with poor migrants.

This government is not worried about the  new minimum wage because migrants will keep wages down and the indigenous population will struggle to stay alive. If you can come here and obtain wages up to seven time the wage in your country, where would you go? Cameron and Osborne know this to be a fact.



The only party that truly represent the people


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