England today

Ronnie Corbett and others like him who brought laughter to our screens without uttering a single word of profanity.   the comedians  today, both men and women seem to spend all of their time either being nasty or concentrating on what below the belt; comics they are not. 

The BBC have had much to do with this, violence porn and endless bad language. I wonder what a physiatrist  would make of some of the producers and their propensity for porn etc.

Cameron another case of I love Britain and would do anything to protect it, whilst sucking up to the Chinese by blocking efforts to increase tariffs. Not just blocking but leading the way!

What has gone wrong with British politicians. Foreign companies have taken over our airports, water companies, rail network and our nuclear power generation.

Osborne and Cameron have allowed a powerful and unpredictable  state like China and ever seeking France to take our expertise on nuclear power generation into their hands. How did we end up with such fools.

Is there anything that we wont flog off. France and Germany in particular take steps to retain vital industries whilst British politicians run around like demented salesmen seeing how much they can get for the family silver.

First of all we need to get out of the EU, or actually become an Islamic State, following that we need to think carefully about the best party to lead this country. Despite voting Tory for 60 odd years until Cameron came in, I will never vote for them again. As for the Labour party, much of what is wrong today can be laid at their doorstep. They are not the party of yesteryear where Labour MPs were patriots.

I believe that UKIP is the party to lead us, yes they have problems which will be sorted by 2020, but above all they are patriots who will work for Britain; and that surely is what we want.




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