Cameron & his teams of liars

1.6 million migrants moved from the EU to England in less than a decade.

Traffickers laugh at Turkey deal as they simply send in immigrants by another route. using Libya into Italy.

The Italian coastguard picked up 1,569 people on Tuesday plus another 1500 over this past weekend.

Now Libya has got on the bandwagon by threatening to open the floodgates and let thousands pour into Europe. More blackmail.

The EU have said that a further 450,000 will attempt to reach Europe this summer – next stop England.

A German train company is introducing women only carriages as a result of violent sexual attacks on women. ISIS is working then!

We have men coming to England from EU countries and it is almost impossible to stop them, how many are Jihadists;  all thanks to the EU.

Over 5,000 jihadists are moving around in Europe added to which we have at least 2,000 Islamist radicals being watched by our security service!

Our NHS, schools and housing are now unable to cope with excessive demands and are failing; and we pay the price.

Trade unions are uniting to thwart the government by obstructing them in every move they make. Youngsters today have no idea what they are capable of, no idea as what it was like to be  the sick man of Europe, all down to Left Wing Unions. Cars, trains etc. they ruined them all until Margaret Thatcher put them to bed; that’s why they hate her.

What is our government doing right now?  not a lot as they say. They are too busy breaking their necks to ensure that an unelected regime across the water can stick their jackboot on the back of British necks; but Cameron it wont work, you have no idea what your up against.

Cameron has enlisted the so called neutral Bank of England to threaten us with ‘Hell and High Water’ Above all the neutral Civil Service which we were once proud of has ‘blotted its copy-book’ Sir Jeremy Heywood has refused to say that he has met the Remain Campaign Group; that to me means that he has almost certainly done that.  

They should not wait to get rid of Cameron, get rid of him now. He is nothing more than a disgrace to our country.




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