The lowest of the low Cameron


Cameron has now decided to ignore Eurosceptic MPs. With every day that passes we can see that this man is nothing more than a spoiled brat. Give me what I want or I wont talk to you.

The damage he has done to the Tory party will not go away. His conduct is unbecoming and he will not be forgiven. He shows a lack of decency and doesn’t seem to have any moral code.

We have seen this past week that our borders are as open as ever, immigrants swarm in without a bye-your-leave and when they get here, THEY ARE IN and with all the benefits. We have nobody but ourselves to blame if we allow Cameron, Germany and large corporate businesses to continue to flood our country with immigrants for cheap labour.

During the last war the use of forced labour in Nazi Germany and throughout German occupied Europe took place on an unprecedented scale.

It was a crucial part of German economic exploitation of conquered territories and contributed to the mass extermination of populations. They abducted 12 MILLION PEOPLE. Most of the civilian casualties were dying from mistreatment, malnutrition and torture.

Germany cannot do that any more; hence the EU

This is what is going on here, a political movement backed by big business determined  once again to subject labour forces to work for them. In Britain alone they are bringing down wages by ensuring that poor countries send us their labour force.

Forget the increase in the minimum wage; this is another Cameron PR stunt, he knows what is going on.

As a result we have a severe housing shortage, our health service is on it’s knees because our policy of free at the point of entry is beyond anyone’s understanding, we never get our money back for treating other countrie’s people. Our schools suffer from endless immigrant children filling up our classrooms. Our way of life is being changed beyond all measure.

Cameron knows this as do the other parties, what does this tell you about them.

If you love your country then do something about it. Do not let the EU break us and whilst your at it, ignore all comment from our so called partners in the USA.


VOTE UKIP the only party that truly represents us.

50 MPs should be enough to get Cameron out now 


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