Once again the Jihadists have got through security, and with devastating effect.

Whilst the authorities and government learn how to deal with the ideology, this strategy may take decades so in the interim, governments must deal with the immediate effects.

We can find no fault with our security services who have kept us safe, however, the problem that we have in this country comes down to nothing more than politicians who have no commonsense and no guts.

The Labour party, starting with Blair turned London into what was called Londonistan by the French and since then they have courted Islam and over time have made Christianity into a curse.

Despite the number of people killed they are still at it, I would suggest that the third man the Belgium’s are seeking might be found drinking tea with Corbyn and one of his MPs.  

We have apart from all else up to 2000 radicals being tracked by the police, this is an impossible task for them. These people should be rounded up with their families and sent off to Isis. Why are they here, sponging of us whilst planning to kill our people, taking up our homes, schools and health service.

It is because we are totally pathetic  in trying to deal with them that we have most of this problem. Stop going to war except when we are under threat; let these people kill themselves off and give us back our country.

Up to 8% of Turks agree with Isis yet Cameron simply cannot wait to bring them in!! Let us not forget we already have over 2 million illegal immigrants in this country; another hang-over from Labour.

Apart from the economy, which is what the leave campaign are concentrating on, the real threat is the well being of this country, its people and our way of life coupled with the housing crisis, school and health service all impacted by the amounts of legal and illegal immigrants.

There are now over 5000 jihadists moving around the Schengen area and we do not know who they are!

It has got to stop

Vote out 


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