Lies, Deceit, more lies and more deceit.

This government and it’s shenanigans to stay in the EU have got to the point where the public are totally dismayed, horror-struck even.

The government knows full well that the EU is a total disaster. It is oppressive, bureaucratic, unbending and a political monster;  yet Cameron is determined to keep us in!

It used to be the case where we could say with some pride that we had a neutral and efficient civil service. Now thanks to Cameron and Sir Jeremy Heywood most people believe that the civil service is now corrupted, misused call it what you may.

Some legacy Mr Cameron but you are too arrogant to feel shame.

We are in line for the most massive influx of Islam in this country, the EU Cameron and Turkey are playing a game with us; haggling over a so called deal.

If we stay in then you can be sure that the gloves will be off and apart from initial visas to Turks the fast track to bring them into the EU will take off.

They will come in and being a poor country guess where they will be heading for?

We have more than two million people economic immigrants swanning around already, and others even now waiting. Romanians too (remember we wont have too many people coming in!!) now they are sleeping everywhere on the streets and at the very heart of crime. 

Greece believes soon that over 50,000 a day will comes their shores and the summer will bring millions; Jihadists mixed in with them.

Criminals walking our streets , murderers, rapists, paedophiles, thieves etc. Islamists telling people that they are in an Islamic zone! Sharia law. It goes on and on.

Hospitals, Schools and housing are denied to English people because we cannot keep up with the influx of economic migrants. Children in schools are struggling because economic migrant’s children cannot speak English and fill the class.

Yet despite all of this we have three parties who totally repudiate any one who dares to say like it is. Why is that anyone who loves their country would vote for these utterly foolish parties. 




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