How interesting on Daily Politics today, truth will out and Jo’s left wing tendency came to the fore

David Lewin was making factual comments about Khan’s relationship with a past terrorist prisoner, however Jo was absolutely determined to undermine this fact eventually accusing Mr Lewin of trying to tarnish Khan name! This was extraordinary and a serious charge from an interviewer. Hopefully he will take this forward and demand a public apology. 

Kinnock too did his bit, for God’s sake who is going to listen to this waffler. He is a failed politician who suddenly found himself working for the EU and making a fortune out of it.

Let us not forget he set out to sack an accountant for doing her job because the auditors have refused to sign of the EUs account for nearly 20 years. Like most of the Labour Party, economy is not his number one priority.


They will take the workers jobs and just wait until the Turks come in. Osborne comments on the Andrew Marr show yesterday were complete rubbish. We cannot refuse entry, despite their economy because it is not possible under EU laws.

We know it but like most Tory ministers he thinks the plebs are ignorant.


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