Law’s book

They say take everything with a pinch of salt, but I bet that Law’s book contains more truth than one dares to mention.

One thing comes out and that is what an absolute bunch of whatsits these people are. Lies trip of their tongues with total ease.

How wonderful it was to see Frederick Forsythe on the Andrew Marr show. Author, journalist spy etc. Who can forget his writing for the newspapers and the information he gave out as a result of his contacts. He was and is still respected, and his views for Brexit will have a lot of credibility.

Interesting that he mentioned Gove and hinted that he knew who leaked the information, and it doesn’t appear to be Gove!

We must remember that the only people who want us to stay in are the corporate sector, banking etc. All of whom are unbelievably rich and will not be affected by low wages, lack of work and immigration. 

General Sir Michael Jackson gives all of the reasons leaving the EU but his head says we should stay for strategic reasons!!

Tell us all General, what is the point of staying in so that we will become scum under a political regime who already treats us with contempt. A Germany that doesn’t know when to give up, violence is part of who they are, look around you.

What a pity you couldn’t have posted this article for the men in the first and second world war to read. We all know what they would have said;

 Get knotted you pathetic little man, we know what we are fighting for;  you don’t.




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