Your Majesty the Queen of Britain

I would argue that not since Elizabeth 1 of England has a patriotic Queen been more important to Britain. Today we stand at a crossroads, turn left and we become a total nonentity. We in Britain will be nothing more than a damn nuisance to the EU,  which has finally eliminated us and thank goodness, the “little Englanders”  finished. 

Our Queen too, nothing more than a relic, nonexistence that’s our future.

Turn right and we can regain our sovereignty, able to make laws that reflect the concern of our people. We can turn to face our commonwealth partners who we have ignored for over forty years and trade with them. Let us not forget that our partners  fought too in Europe, losing many, to  give freedom to virtually the whole of the continent

Coming back to the Queen, first of all she as a citizen (yes that’s what she is) has a right to vote for a country that she been head of for over 63 years, and  it has been a long and successful reign.

I believe that Her Majesty has a duty to make her views known. Above all she will be believed, whilst there are many republicans they cannot find fault with her devotion to this country and will have to listen.

She can no longer sit back whilst the traitors in our country give our country to an unelected political regime across the water.

If she does not speak then she will be kissing goodbye to a magnificent country that has given life and limb to who and what we are.

It is your duty Ma’am to protect the citizens of this country



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