Daily Politics

This was by far the best Daily Politics I have seen. Intelligent and far thinking men were interviewed by Andrew and for once he did not continually interrupt; to-day we actually learned something.

Gerry Downing does not come into this category. Joseph R McCarthy, well-known in America if not here, saw communists everywhere, finally President Eisenhower instigated his downfall by ensuring he went on “Face The Nation” in 1954 where at long last the public realised just what an ass he was.

Andrew’s interview with Gerry Downing has I believe done the same thing. Just looking at the man was enough to put you off and his answers to the questions asked made you realise he should put in a box, marked do not open.

Who are these people who think that Tony Blair was a good Prime Minister. He and his party were responsible for the death of hundreds of soldiers and the maiming of many more, not forgetting Iraq civilians. It is not enough that he apparently kept members of his cabinet in the dark.

There were those who knew what was going on and nothing was ever done about it. Just think of the misery that Blair and his party caused to so many people. The truth is they couldn’t give a stuff.  

We now know that Cameron’s deal (that’s what he and his party call it) is not worth anything at all and can be pushed aside. He must have known this, so he has deliberately misled all of us, what a surprise.

We will never know what the Queens said on Brexit (unless the Sun comes clean) but she is the best thing that has happened to us since Elizabeth 1 of England; and patriotic. You can be sure that she has viewed our decline to the point where we are nothing more than a mischievous and exasperating little country who needs his backside slapped, but she is bound.

The Queen believes in England and so to should we. The remain party have no faith in England, we have ruled ourselves for a thousand years but Cameron wants us to succumb to an unelected bunch of totalitarian bureaucrats. I would say shame on him but he doesn’t have any shame.

He is not fit to be our Prime Minister and those who follow him are not fit to be MPs. 




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