Government and MPs, deranged?

Our government with Cameron supporting and following the EU has now become irrational, unbalanced and bordering on unhinged.

Turkeys blackmailing has become nothing more than an absurdity yet the EU is offering free travel to Turkish citizens from June whilst proposing to speed up entry to the EU!

This is a country that was promised 3 billion euros to help Ankara with the 2.5 million refugees who crossed its border, but months later Turkey had made no effort to have met their side of the bargain.; surprised.

So why should the EU take the word of an authoritarian President  who just used tear gas on the countries largest paper because they printed the wrong sort of message. This is a country who excels in human rights abuses that are legendary so why aren’t we treating them like a pariah state?

They don’t because the EU repudiates  everything that may block its rise to the top. Greece has already seen nearly 60,000 migrants so far this year and we are still only one third into February. This needs the connivance of Turkish coastguards and under Turkish violent law you can bet that Erdogan was aware of this.

Cameron is aware of this but he is so hell-bent on getting his way that he is prepared to lead us into this fustian hell. This is alarming, that we should be dragged into this hideous regime by a man who is determined to get his own way; come what may.

Turkey is Islamist and we as a country should be frightened of the fact that they should get free access to this country. If the EU, who have now become a real menace to us; allow Turkey in then we are looking at the death of white Christian Europe. Are we mad!! I cannot think of a clearer recipe for violence.

Putin has made it clear that he will not fight Turkey on the ground , they are too big, he will use his nuclear forces; believe him.

What are we heading for? where is the security?




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