Priti Patel

It was a pleasure to watch Priti Patel on the news this morning,  a clear and concise reason for getting out of the common market. We are lucky to have her on our side arguing the cause.

What about Cameron and his attack dogs, Mr Daniel Korski on behalf of the Prime Minister hounded Mr Longworth on the phone for daring to come in favour of leaving the corrupt EU.

No one was involved said number 10, but of course they lied. We now know that Cameron and his cronies along with the now seen as a corrupt civil service are prepared to lie about everything and anything. They are no longer have any credibility and MPs who support them should be kicked out of office at the next election. I for one will not vote for traitors and /or the establishment.

Mr Longworth should now join the leave campaign and show Cameron and the BCC that kicking a well established business man in the teeth because of his views, was not a very clever thing to do.

Cameron is attending a conference where Turkey is hell bent on Blackmailing the EU and us. Six billion euros (4.6 billion pounds) in aid and plans for 77 million Turkish citizens to come to Europe from June without visas and speeding up the process for Turkey becoming a full member of the EU, in which case, in they come, millions of them.

Cameron is giving turkey £500 million to help deal with THEIR OWN CRISIS apart from this pathetic little deal there will still be hundreds of thousand of refugees coming over.

Can you imagine how much of our tax is being spent by Cameron on overseas projects, despite the fact that we are struggling here in England to stay alive.

When Turkey has had enough they will blow it all apart, or ask for more money; isn’t that what blackmailers do. The EU has already given in, like Cameron they couldn’t negotiate their way out of a three way roundabout.

Cameron said there is no prospect of Britain joining a common asylum process. Pull the other one Cameron, the moment we stayed in you would abandon all pretence.

Your word means absolutely nothing.




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