What a pathetic little Belgian bureaucrat. It is he who should visit the War Graves and see how many people gave their life’s to protect our freedom from a German state, who had one thing in mind and that was domination of Europe.

We all know from our history books and otherwise what they were prepared to do to achieve that. Here we are again Germany looking to dominate Europe via Brussels, even France has gone back to being a Vichy state with Cameron desperately trying to catch up.

Who will rescue Europe from the next war. Germany is at it again, violence is rearing it’s head all over the continent and the EU is like a child in the street, lost, head in their hands saying what can we do.

Do we in Britain want our security and well being held in sway by this pathetic and corrupt regime; the answer to that is no.

Get rid of our foolish Prime Minister, send him back to a PR company, he will feel good there. Don’t , however, let him destroy England.

He and the left, particularly are more than happy to have England swamped by young, economic migrants. Men who have no idea how to live in peace and view women as chattels. Fathers and Mothers should take stock, it will be too late if we don’t control those who come into our country.

Further to that there, more or less official over 5,000 jihadists moving amongst this lot and over a million of migrants running around in this country!!

Our government officials have gone absolutely  mad.



VOTE UKIP at the next election.


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