The big two plus Cameron!


Doesn’t this remind you of something?

Petain said I had no choice but Cameron has, nevertheless  he has decided to give Britain to a corrupt and unelected regime across the water.


After a thousand years of making our way successfully in this world, and in the process of doing so has rescued Germany and most of Europe from a fate worse than death – –

enslavement by Germany

Cameron and his pathetic MPs are going to give England away helped by our so called impartial Civil Service

Soon we are going to be inundated by young fit men who scorn our way of life. London and the South East cannot take any more so they will send them throughout England and we will have lost everything.

No wonder Merkel stands back whilst the other half of the axis France tell Cameron what to do.

This totally miserable little man should not be our prime minister

Vote Cameron out and Vote to leave





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