Cameron roped in Macron?

Mr Macron French economy minister of France, has warned us that the Calais border will relocate to us if we leave. He of course is very close to Hollande who along with Merkel is at his wits end if we leave. I am prepared to bet that Cameron has arranged this little spat.

Cameron is not fit to be Prime Minister of this great country.

As for Mr Macron he would do well not to make an enemy of millions of English voters.  Let me give you a well known English bit of advice to our French friend;

Mind your own bloody business

Daily politics today was littered with the in campaign, Lord Finkelstein was trying to hard to be arbitrary, look at me I am a fair minded person etc., but which side is he actually on? I came to the conclusion that he is another one of Cameron’s and Osborne little elite party, and apart from all the ifs and buts he was clearly selling for the ‘in’ party; he fooled no one. Was that the price for his Lordship.

Suzanne Evans of UKIP was outgunned by the ‘in’ campaign and  Professor Anastasia Dir City Political Economy Research Centre, who by the why responded each time to Andrew’s question, in or out. Would you believe it she is for the ‘in’ camp.

Isn’t it funny that each time they talk about various political parties they always manage to make right groups as something to be wary of. The truth of the matter it is the left wing who have brought us all down time and time again. You will also note that they have more than their fair share of violence.


Wages for British workers will rise in the event of a Brexit, the head of the in campaign Lord Rose says.

Now you can see why the multinational corporations and Osborne want us to stay in; its wages. Keeping us in will allow cheap labour to come in to the market holding down the English workers wages. More money for them and their shareholders.

It is difficult to see how we can accept this referendum as a fair reflection of what the people want. Cameron is stitching it up in every way possible. It is one thing to force the EU policy of marriage down our throat and another to force the people into Europe by scaremongering on a massive scale.

Cameron will engender violence and that not what we want. This referendum is of paramount importance to people, if millions feel that the referendum is not fair then it is Cameron and his party who will sow what they reap.

This is for the British people to decide, lies and more lies will bring resentment.

Cameron should go now whilst they still have time.

I will not vote for traitors


VOTE UKIP at the next election



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