Greece Isolated

The influx of migrants is now so great that millions are being paid to Greece to become a massive refugee camp, how do the Greeks feel about this; not good I would say.

A new “wall” is being built by Macedonia, Austria and Balkan states to hold the hordes of immigrants  back. We are next.

EU wall

Germany via the EU has ensured that a New  Berlin wall has been made with a barbed wire fence, what’s next, elevated sentry boxes manned by armed soldiers! That rings a bell. Peace in our time!!

Phillip Hammond did his bit on the Sky News this morning, however, I didn’t believe one word he said. Just like the Prime Minister he lacks credibility.

Matt Hancock grilled by Andrew on Daily Politics spent all of his time trying to dig himself out of a hole, trying to defend the indefensible, which was the Prime Ministers latest attempt to frighten the indigenous population; he has failed again.

Where are the Eurosceptic ministers on Question Time? clearly they are still frightened of the PM.

A vote of no confidence is needed and 50 MPs to send Cameron out to grass.

Membership is down by half and the PM has declared war on his activists. Further to this he is completely patronising about Tory voters. An appeal to God would place him alongside megalomaniac Blair.

The Tory Party are on a downward path, it is time to put in a Eurosceptic PM. They are fortunately  spoiled for choice Mogg, Fox, Smith (he has matured) Hannan, Jenkins.

The PM has lost the confidence of the people, if the Tory party cannot see that, then they deserve to go.

Do it now and give the people a real referendum and not a completely stitched-up farce.

The book by Tom Bower in the daily Mail is a revelation, we begin to see what a foul organisation the Marxist Labour party is, going right back to new Labour.

Hundreds of British soldiers died because MPs from that party put their careers before the lives of our soldiers.

Yes, hundreds.

Even now they constantly downgrade and diminish us on the world stage. We are the fifth largest economy yet all they can do is to constantly belittle us.

Forget the SNP they will go whatever we do, so let them go but don’t let them decide what we in England do.



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