The Establishment

Chilcot’s dubious enquiry is now defunct because Britain’s foremost investigative reporter has beaten him to the punch. You can be sure that the Tom Bower report will damage our image of Blair and his party; and quite rightly too.

Despite the fact that he Blair and his cronies are responsible for the deaths of over 100,000 life’s of Iraq, American and British soldiers he will get away with it, why?  because the English establishment will protect its own.

Sgt Alexander Blackman was jailed for10 years (reduced to eight) for something that took place on the battlefield, however, Yet Blair was responsible for  the deaths of over 100,000 people and gets richer by the day!

Quod Erat Demonstrandum (QED)

Every day in the media people have to come up with new words to describe our Prime Minister, perjurer. prevaricator, cheat, false witness etc., however, nothing really plumbs the depths.

Cameron has become totally and utterly discredited, dishonor has become his byword. It is time now for the Tory Party to replace him; or take on his mantle.  Tout de suite.

The new buzzword for Brexit is “complicated” which of course is total rubbish but the left and the BBC have eagerly latched on to it.

The issue, however, is clear, we need to go back to being a sovereign &  independent Nation making our own laws and abiding by them.

We are the fifth largest economy in the world. In our past we have stood alone and fought for our freedom and let us not forget it, Europe’s freedom also. We have traded globally and will continue to do so.

So why are we listening to Cameron and Marxist labour’s propaganda. labour is all about downgrading and demeaning our society, they never have anything good to say about it and as for its people, Blair and his own party deliberately brought in up to four million people because they didn’t like the English, what was the phrase

“Rubbing our noses in it”

God knows what the English have done to deserve the Blair and Cameron. one a megalomaniac and the other a plain and simple cheat.

As for the SNP, in or out they intend to go. Nicola Sturgeon will find some way of exiting so why are we bothered about anything she has to say. Like most people I am now sick of the Scots, if they don’t like us then go. This is a pity because they have always been welcome in England despite the usual friendly rivalry.

Two things we need to do, first get rid of Cameron he has become an embarrassment.




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