Truth and Cameron

Never the twain shall meet. Cameron now has the government machine concealing facts, while pumping out propaganda for the leave campaign.

Michael Gove’s claim that the PM’s referendum deal can be torn up by EU judges was backed by legal experts yesterday. The whole point about the European Court of Justice is that it stands above the Nation States.

People say that they are confused, why? We must not allow Cameron to distract us from the whole idea of a referendum. It is to give us back our complete sovereignty and allow us to move forward without recourse from the outside world.

Cameron continues his ‘Porkeys’ telling us he could decrease migration below 100.000, yet the official immigration statistics show us that issues of National Insurance Numbers, without which, no one can work or claim benefits, were given to;

630,000 people of which 209,000 were Romanian and Bulgarians

So 257,000 immigrants arrive but 630,000 want the right to works!!

A difference 373,000 immigrants!

In October Turkey will be able to travel under the Schengen agreement.

If we are not out by then we are in serious trouble. The wrong vote and we will be finished as a nation, and that is a pure and simple fact

Germany is expecting 2.5 million more refugees on top of the 1.1 million that arrived last year; that should raise some hackles.

There are thousands more right now trying to get in England, laying siege to the tunnel, and we already have a fifth of rough sleepers in London who are Romanian.

The attack on women in Cologne has died a death because the police are not able to identify those concerned.

Relations between EU countries are strained to a breaking point.

We must get out and increase spending on our armed forces, particularly manpower and planes for our carriers  HMS Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales. 

Initially the ships will carry helicopters! From 2020, however, our punch will be delivered by   modern American planes in 4 years time! perhaps we could ask Putin to hold off until then!




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