Cameron’s Shame

I am not asking for anything new or something impossible. This is already a compromise on a compromise

Cameron’s words!!

He went in asking for virtually nothing and came back with less. He tried to cross swords with the EU and they beat him about the head with flat blades. So much for the lions roar.

Can you imagine what the EU would do to us in the event of an in vote. Despite the fact that they clearly need us more than we need them, they are so bureaucratic, so absorbed with themselves and above all so fiscally incompetent that we are well rid of them.

Coming back to Cameron, he above all knows what he has is simply farcical, and does not benefit Britain, yet he still determined to try and have his way.

This is all you need to know about Cameron. He doesn’t love Britain, he is self-indulgent, self serving;  reminds you of Blair doesn’t he. Oxford elite has shown us that they don’t like people disagreeing with their views.

I saw Kate Hoey on the News this morning and I was impressed with her analysis of Cameron’s deal. I was even more impressed by her obvious devotion to Britain, above party politics.

To me she sounded like the older generation of Labour supporters who disagreed with the Tory (of which I was one, but no more) party but loved her country. A far cry from that Anti-Semitic, terrorist apologist that leads the Marxist Labour party now..

The people of this country will not be taken in by MP careerist’s or can I have a seat Mr Prime Minister in the Lords or whatever.

They will lose the vote and Cameron must go, but who will replace him. Personally I would go for Jacob Rees Mogg, here is a man who would totally revitalise the Tory party, a patriot in the true sense of the word; above all a man I believe you could trust.

Let us face it the word trust is no longer synonymous with the Tory Party.

Gove has put Boris to shame. Boris and his indecision has done almost irreparable damage to him.

Vote UKIP and for Gods sake get the ‘out parties together’ and forget party politics


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