Governments and the police

Governments and police are now descending on the public for complaining about the influx of migrants and in many cases arresting them.

This is the most foolish thing I have ever heard of, don’t complain or we will put you away. I cannot think of anything that will do more to aggravate and rub the public the wrong way.

This has nothing whatsoever to do with race or hate crime (hate crime another iniquitous law) this is a deliberate attempt to deny us freedom of speech.

The more I read of this Tory government the more I believe that we must have a right wing government to release us from this ever increasing  tyranny.

Domination and injustice we can expect from Germany’s EU but it shouldn’t happen here.

We have had over 1,000 years of English Nationhood starting with  Alfred King of the Anglo Saxons.

In the words of Simon Keynes;

Soldier, law – maker, statesman educator and scholar, not to mention ship – builder . . .all were . . .inseparable (from) his determination to the discharge the responsibilities  of his high office for the good of his subjects and in the service of God   

He died on the 26th of October 899 after a reign of 28 years

What do we have now, nothing more than a bunch of self serving die-hards. To hell with the subjects and forget God, we are too busy molesting and persecuting  Christians for speaking out loud. As for Nationhood we are going to give it away to an unelected regime across the water; so that’s that.

May God forgive them, because I will not.



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