Arrested for being a Christian

The leaders of right-wing Christian group Britain First have been arrested under laws dating back to the 1930s which ban the wearing of “political uniforms”. Paul Golding, 34, and Jayda Fransen, 29, were questioned by police after the pair led a “Christian patrol” through Luton on 23 January.

What was their political clothes?  Was it the Christian Cross; where are the church hierarchy?

let us face it they wore more or less everyday clothes, so it must be the Cross. It is clear that once again the police have overstepped their mark.

Why did they threaten to raid Fransen’s home! so far they have got rid of innocent until proven guilty and now they feel it is their right for the police to harass and blackmail Christian people.

There is clearly appeasement when it comes to Muslims. This is not good and will have deleterious effect and is quite prejudicial. The government and the police are treading on very dangerous ground.

Gove must ask Bedfordshire police why they haven’t arrested Muslims who harassed this group and made a claim that England would become Islamic etc. Luton is already, more or less a no-go area. Clearly a ‘done deal’ where the government and the police are concerned.


Am I they only one who felt such shame at our disgusting Prime Minister running around begging favours from people so that he can produce an argument for giving away his country.

Shame too for his pathetic little cronies who have sold themselves for pecuniary advantage, bartering England so that they stuff their pockets with a few more pounds.

We now have a corrupt civil service and MPs who wear their badge of shame as if it were a medal. All looking forward to a future where they will certainly get a seat in the Lords, there they can look down on the plebs, whilst claiming their unjustifiable and overly generous expenses.

Boris and May and others will pay at the ballot box for  betraying their country. Times have changed and the internet has made it possible for us to show these people for what they really are.

Cameron has lied and continues to lie, but it will get him nowhere;

 The indigenous population are patriotic to the core

relying on immigrants and the Marxist left to vote against England, will not work.


  • If you had a choice would you rather have Corbyn or Farage for a Prime Minister.
  • Would you rather have Farron or Farage for a Prime Minister.
  • Would you have Cameron, a serial liar and a campaigner for Germany’s New Reich or Farage

Farage who is hated by the left for speaking the truth. For me there is no other person other than Nigel Farage.

Vote no and get out of the EU we in England are too good to be bound by British propagandists and malcontents.



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