Cameron’s lies

Official figures show that the gap between what we sell to Europe and how much they sell us is

89 billion pounds

Yet the out campaign tell us that we will lose trade if we leave the EU. Have you ever heard such complete nonsense.

The EU  comes under the heading of  a total failure. Mind you the above £89 billion pales besides what will happen on migration, most of these people racing to these shores are economic migrants.

Already they are having a marked effect on our social services, NHS, housing, schools and violence too is on the increase. Luton is practically a no go area, and Birmingham is heading that way.

Now the authorities are considering plans to spread the load in many other areas and bearing in mind the influx is already far to high our towns and villages, they will reap the reward of the policies of LibDems and Marxist labour.

This referendum is the most vital vote we have ever been asked to complete. A vote to stay in will change our country beyond recognition and we will lose what is most important to us; our freedom.

It is about time that we recognised that Islam and the conspiracy to change who and what we are, is ever present. We now have a huge amount of radicals backed up by most of the Muslim movement.

They are now completely open about what they intend to do and how. Had we a competent government and opposition parties to take the necessary steps to protect this country, then that would one thing, but the truth is that when we look at local authorities, University’s and government we are looking at total and utter appeasement. Muslims are totally aware of this and exploit it mercilessly.

Farage has always been right,  which is why the establishment and the BBC are so intent on rubbishing every thing he does.

Without Farage we would not have this referendum.

Let us not forget that

We must vote for out in the referendum, we are a large, forward thinking Nation with a thousand years of our parliamentary system and language which we have given to the world. Do not vote for traitors who would throw it all away for some pecuniary advantage,.

If Osborn is that intent on becoming a Prime Minister of Great Britain then he should lead the out campaign and that will guarantee his success. He above all knows that we would be better of outside.

Cameron does not deserve any support and will not get it from the people. The indigenous people love their country, whatever their politics.

Vote Labour. 


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