Cameron’s lies and there are many.

Cameron said that the primacy of parliament would remain, however, Sir Konrad Schiemann who served at the Court of Appeal and the European Court of Justice, has made it clear that European law would be supreme, legislative and judicial.

Hans-Georg Maassen  head of Germany’s BV intelligence agency has said he actually knows that Jihadists are deliberately planting agents amongst the so called refugees; so now it really is official.

LibDem  Farron the BBC and the Guardian should have this statement tattooed   on their foreheads.

In Belgium the police have a video showing an unconscious girl being raped by Iraqi immigrants. One of the attacker told the police;

that she has nothing to complain about, Women must obey men!

In England Somali rapists Ahmed, Osman and Yussaf were jailed for raping a young girl in the most horrific manner.

Ahmed described her as a slut and up for anything.

People like this now walk our streets and you can be sure of one thing and that is if you tried to protect people from this sort of thing then the police and this government would lock you up in a second.

Immigrants who now flock to this country do not have the same Christian values that we have and above all they regard our women as trash and treat them accordingly.

Why have we allowed the police to ride roughshod over the presumption of innocence

Not only that but any old crackpot can made false charges and the victim is unable to defend himself. This has become a country where the minority rule the roost and those who are supposedly there to protect you are nowhere to be seen.

There is no justice, it has now become a farce. Whilst those whose job it is (the establishment) to protect the people are so busy ensuring that they get the next job and money for failing to do their job. The establishment have become corrupt.

Cameron talks about dealing with Russia, the man is so naïve, if the Russians choose to do so, they would what they did to Hungary in 1956. Despite the uprising they just rode their tanks over them and that was that.

If Russia decide to take on our troops does he really think the Europe would respond! our troops in Poland would be mincemeat whilst the EU set up a meeting to talk about it.

The EU is an organisation that cannot control its own borders let alone deal with Russia. There is only one thing that Russia is frightened  of and that’s NATO.

The EU It is a totally failed state and Cameron’s wants to tie us to it and the MPs who go along with Cameron’s farce for pecuniary reasons are beneath contempt



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