Cameron shyster

Cameron a charlatan, that’s what we have as a PM, what is worse is that we have far to many Tory MPs hanging on his tail. We are also aware that many of these MPs support him for a pecuniary advantage, if they have to practice  deception on the British people to obtain it; then they will. It is plain to all of us by now that an MP and his principals are easily parted.

Such is the arrogance of Cameron that he now tells his MPs not to take notice of their constituencies, he really does think that Mr and Mrs average is nothing more than a plebs.

Words fail me for this man, he is determined to get his own way like some ‘little spoiled brat’ threatening too his own MPs with reselection.

Boris and May have shown us that they too can be bought. Where Boris is concerned he should now shut up about Churchill. He has shown us that he is a fence sitter and doesn’t hold a candle to that great man.

Cameron and his cohorts are on route to making many enemies. We in this country don’t like cheats, and he is cheating us out of a fair referendum. I for one will not accept an in vote because the vote is going to an out and out fraud.

Couple that with the fact that Labours immigrant non English speaking voters will literally get their vote stamped accordingly with the blessing of the Electoral Office.

Cameron will not get what he wants but the New Reich will help him spin. The EU is incapable of any reform yet Cameron goes along with it; clearly this man hates his country.

I will not accept being under the auspices of an unelected regime. Once again Germany is in the process of making an enemy of Britain. It is sad to that we in Britain have so many turncoats.




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