Daily Politics & Cameron

Jo was at her best today, a Marxist Labour Politician, A left wing Liberal MP and would you believe it Abbot, someone as far to the left as you can go, all confronting a Conservative Politician who managed to play safe.

Abbot as usual was slipping in nasty little bits about our troops like, are they really attempting to ensure that civilians are not being harmed etc., which between her and Jo turned into something else. We have seen from past experience that Abbot in particular, is a very nasty piece of work; No wonder Corbyn likes her. As for Jo?

Cameron’s farcical renegotiations continues. It is a real damp squib and has nothing to do with the real problem and that is handing over Great Britain to an unelected EU controlled completely by Germany;

This is really supporting a New Reich by other means. 

Clearly Cameron is now ready for a referendum, he daren’t leave it any longer. We must also be clear that he intends to bulldoze us into the EU. This is not a referendum for the people;

 It is for Cameron which is why it will not be a fair referendum.

He has already got his MP poodles saying at every opportunity  ‘it is for the people to decide’ This of course is pure rubbish, Cameron as I have said, has every intention of skewing the referendum.

Couple that with the Marxist Labour government who will use fraudulent Muslim votes (they have real form on this) to vote out. They will make it clear to Muslims that they will be voting against stopping Turkish Muslim voters coming  to Britain. We already know that  a very large per cent of Turks support ISIS.

Cameron too knows this, but he is prepared to watch England go down the drain. How did we end up with such a foul person and a cheat as our PM.

I know which way my MP will vote, having made my intention clear earlier. I suggest that every one should ask their MP prior to the vote which side are they on.

1/ Do they believe in Britain and our independence as a sovereign state.

2/ Or do they believe that Germany should rule us and decide our fate.  Further to that should we be inundated with Islamic peoples, wiping out our Christian Society.

By voting to stay in the government is guilty of High Treason and lesser treason against the people. They are betraying our Nation, family, friends,  our Christian religion and way of life.


Vote for UKIP do not vote for traitors


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